Goy Zhenru was educated as an Architect in Singapore at National University of Singapore and in Switzerland at the Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule (ETH)Zürich. After working in both Switzerland and in Singapore, she opened her own office in Singapore in 2015.

As an architect, Goy has created learning facilities (public & private), hotels, residential and more recently, industrial building. As a designer, she has a keen interest in producing custom range of furniture and decorative objects which serves to complement the interior & architectural works.

A supporter of vernacular architecture & craftsmanship, Goy Zhenru adapts traditional forms to reflect a spirit of modernity.  Her passion of relating architecture back to its roots and history is a common theme inherent throughout her work.

She lectures in Nanyang Polytechnic School of Design as an adjunct lecturer in Spatial Design.





Shortlist for Outstanding Private Apartment: Lookbox Design Awards 2017:

SARANY Student Architectural Merit Award 2008

IARU Travel Grant, Zurich ETH Summer Programme 2009

Ong & Ong Traveling Fellowship Grant 2011

DAAD Summer Course Scholarship 2012

European Forum Alpbach Symposium Scholarship 2015




Brandon Low, Ester Tan, Tandy, Han Xiao Wei, Jocelyn Eau Li Xuan, Tay Man Ning, Samantha, Sue Wen.